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Sup, my name is Steven Underwood. I’m a Writer. I’m Black. I’m also a Black Writer. I do Fantasy as my novelist/short story niche. Though my non-fiction is trill as fuck too. I don’t think I should be cussing here, but it’s my damn wordpress and I’ll be spitting my swears and slurs if I damn want to.

I’m published in Banango Street, The Artifice and Comicsverse. I’m also an Editor at the Epicurean Commune.

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Online Adventure Review: TOPMAN’s Black Salvo Suede Lace-up and Accessories

Purchase date: October 30th, 2016

I spent way too much this past week on clothes, but after the end-of-the -Semester clothes dump my Spring semester I lost a lot of boots. It just got to the point cloth adhesive couldn’t fix any longer, plus I had outgrown the FOREVER 21 boot department by a time. FOREVER 21, and me, simply have a love that is no longer mutual. (When I wear clothes, I don’t want it to dissolve in the rain).

So, I went to TOPMAN.

TOPMAN is a store I’ve toyed with for a few years. I ordered some nice flattops from them before and some other assorted accessories, but I never bought actual clothes from them. Nothing that would stagger my back account at least, until I saw the Black Slavo Suede Lace-ups when online shopping.

The suede gave the black of the boot an iridescent look, almost like shiny black ebony, or glistening lacquer. I already looked at a pair of black distressed denim joggers, and I figured: Why not? there’s nothing that I can go wrong. At best, I organize a high-end outfit around a pair of suede boots that I can use for a lot of my casual looks.The only dilemma I have with this is my closet lacks a lot of jeans — I prefer joggers, and I will only wear joggers; so help me.

I placed my order, along with a few other things: Tan Real Suede Belt, a Black Leather Look Satchel and a Black Cable Knit Beanie. Both of which I designed around the concept of an outfit.

Black Leather Look SatchelTan Real Suede BeltBlack Cable Knit BeanieBlack Salvo Suede Lace Up Boots

On arrival, the boots came in a heavily damaged box, as if it had been knocking around the back of a truck. There is very little aesthetic use I can use for it now, I suppose that’s to be expected with an Express shipping — though, for the amount you pay in express shipping, you don’t want to lose quality for readiness.

The belt and beanie were both perfect, though the belt is a bit thinner than I imagined, I supposed I will have to either tuck my shirts in or wear something with a higher cut to show it off with my outfit.

The boots, however, I have been in love with. While the lace isn’t done perfectly — on either boot, the lacing leans to one side or the other, giving an inequal length of the laces — it is very beautiful and comfortable to wear. Boots, for me at least, never seem to have an ease of wearing. It really hurts to clunk around in boots all-day. In these, I felt comfortable enough to walk to the store for twenty minute without changing, and I never just go on idle strolls in anything other than sneakers — especially a $140 suede shoe.

I really like the boot, and it made me heavily consider buying more from TOPMAN, though I do believe they need to restock on the shoe itself and reconsider both the packaging method and the lacing.


Steven Underwood


Writing Practices


In my capacity as a blogger and freelance writer, I’m sometimes asked to write an article that completely baffles me. Like, honestly there is no real way to describe what they want from me. I make an attempt to make it, and then I hit a snag in the road where the client just goes “Um, this isn’t what I asked for.” And then we’re back at the drawing board: 1,000 words down the drain.

So, now I have decided to try to get a bit more…inventive. I’m an artists, and ekphrasis is a thing: I make them give me three songs I have to listen to when writing the project. If they can’t, they must not care that much about the product. I don’t know if this is a good practice, but I do it anyway. It’s bad enough that I’m barely ever paid and that “exposure” clause keeps popping up, but I ain’t down for also being yelled at for missing the point too.


Okay, so how many people have had the misfortune of being flat broke? Not just college student broke, but flat broke. It’s embarrassing. My mom’s birthday was today, and I was gonna pretend I’m a good son: you know, send her something she paid for (Ancestry.com results), and unfortunately I needed to upgrade my results to a parcel. Let’s just say that this parcel was gonna run me $3.75 and I didn’t even have that to pay her.


Kids, learn your lesson. Being a writer is destining yourself to be hungry, poor and unfortunate. Just sell drugs.



Yesterday, we received some exciting news! Not only are the melanated gods: Michael “Bae” B. Jordan and, the Iridescent Moon Goddess, Lupita Nyong’o gonna play Erik Killmonger and Nakia respectively, but we get THE WALKING DEAD’s own Danai Gurira as Okoye. My blackness is on life alert. It’s critical in the hospital, right now.  It’s signing its last will and testament.

Killmonger is a character with a dynamic story that I know Ryan Coogler will bring to life in a beautiful way. A character sold into slavery and raised in North America, we will have the opportunity to see two different branches of the African Diasporic tree finally meet. I am nothing but ecstatic and optimistic about the future of this franchise (more so than the great whitewashing of DOCTOR STRANGE, I’m seriously only watching to support Chiwetel Ejiofor). I love Ryan Coogler: I love Michael B. Jordan; and I love my #1 Storm fancast Lupita Nyong’o — seriously, her skin is like the moment when moonlight refracts off the surface of a small, crystalline lake. Beautiful.

I wrote an article on the Black Panther’s impact a while ago for Comicsverse. It’s about to be truly lit if half of my fan theories are correct.

All hail Wakanda and praise the Dora Milaje.

Self-Publishing and Other Career Situations

I decided to self-publish a novel. The specifics are a bit meh, because I am unsure if I want to do a collection of short stories set in the universe on one of my works-in-progress or just do that work-in-progress and I need to crowdfund this novel.


Right now, my Wattpad series is going pretty well. A lot of good feedback for it and I’m happy to push forward. If you’re interested in diverse fantasy starring people of color and dystopian, future elements then Ebony Antebellum should be your first stop.


Ebony Antebellum:





Wattpad Series

Sup y’all. Last week I was writing and trying to figure out ways to: A.) Increase my patron numbers on Patreon. B.) Get more exposure as a writer and build a potential audience that is more than my FaceBook Friends whom barely click on my content and C.) Make more frequent material and then I found Wattpad.

So, I took what I have so far of my current series, Ebony Antebellum (Formerly the Magician’s Diaspora) and put the  prologue and first chapter up on the site. If you have a Wattpad account, feel free to check it out. It’s a five-finger discount so you won’t have to worry about payment, but if you like it and want to see both more frequent material and to support the author as he starves as a college student, go ahead and check out my Patreon (Link is in the Featured post of this blog).

Story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/74817930-ebony-antebellum

Remember, Stay ratchet, regal, and reclusive.